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Lithographic printing is used for printing high quality and close register images. Our in-house Litho overprinting machines are capable of printing simple single colour images to complex and vibrant 4-colour process images quickly and efficiently. The many years of collective printing experience in our print team, supported by stringent quality control processes, ensures you can be sure of consistent and reliable quality every time you place an order.


Many of our printers have worked with Eagle for over 20 years ensuring the highest level of experience and expertise when it comes to printing your envelopes.

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Printing Capabilities

Our machine park includes 2-colour jet-presses, 4-colour and 5-colour overprint machines capable of printing 1 or 2 colour designs or complex, eye-catching and vibrant 4-colour process images. These are quick change machines offering us flexibility to change onto jobs without delays. They are ideal for short and long runs which produce the highest quality print and this means without any compromise to our quality - if you need printed envelopes in a hurry, then this would be the option for you.

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Our plant includes our own in-house reprographics studio which produces all of our lithographic plates for our print machines. This means customers can communicate updates and changes with us directly so we can amend or produce new artwork to turnaround proofs quickly and efficiently.

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